Cynthia Ellen Daiboch


I will not go gently into the night... it is not my style..
Yesterday I was 18 years old,  Where has the time gone?
Einstein was correct when he said all time is relative. I feel blessed...
I have been to so many places in the world and been so many personas...
I have searched the Souks of Marrakech, and gone looking for the Blue Men of
the Sahara in the high Atlas Mountains, I have sat on a hillside amidst
hundreds of acres of olive trees on a mountain side, drinking Spanish
Bodega Red, listening to the exotic sound of the Coocoo bird, I have been
diving in the most outrageous waters on this planet... rode a manta ray,
and tried not to eat bat, cat, or jungle rat. I have hung from tree vines while
tubing on a jungle river in Sumatra, looking up into the all too human
eyes of a orangutan.

 I love being in Love.

I Adore being pampered on the beach  at

Punta Meta, Mexico by my love!

"I have great stories to tell...
of amoebic dysentery and really bad food and really incredible meals...
where you must act our what you want to eat because of language barriers.
I have had serious misadventures and serious laughs and met wonderful
people... all of whom have touched my life. I have painted batik in Java,
become one with the sand in Bali, drank gallons of watermelon juice and
elevated the art of bargaining to a new height around the world.
"I have been a high school teacher, a psychotherapist, a drug counselor,

a CPS Social worker, a waitress, restaurant manager, a fishing boat deckhand,

I have worked on the Trans
Alaska pipeline, made a fortune in a short time and lost it just as
fast... (oh, oops!!) 

I built a Alaska's first 3000 sq ft glass studio and have owned two Art Glass Galleries

in Anchorage and one in Portland, OR.

"I have a reverence for life
I  believe strongly in following your heart and passions no matter where they
may lead you. To never have tried to follow your dreams is the greatest of
all tragedies. I believe Maya Angelou when she said, "believe people when
they show you who they really are..." one of the best lessons of this
decade for me. I can't believe I now speak in "decades"... only "old"
people do that! I can get my own AARP card... now that is a bit much. I am
blessed with a friend's motto that "looking good is the best revenge"...
and hope they find a cure for old age... but I guess that will never
afflict me because I will never grow up... it's me and Tinkerbell all the way.
"I am blessed... I do what I want to do on a daily basis. I live out my own dreams. I build my own
yellow brick road. I follow my passion every day. I have been truly bless with new Love and New friends, as

well as friends I have have had since elementary school who are still in my life

 I want to Make Art and  play in the glass
every day. I LOVE to blow glass.

 What a celebration of life! What a dream come  true.

"This is my world. Welcome to My Party. "
The interplay of light and color from a Tiffany lamp left a lasting
impression on Cynthia when she was a child. In 1980 she began her work
with glass and developed her expertise in the glass art techniques of
stained glass, glass fusing, slumping and glass blowing. She holds degrees
from Ohio State University and San Diego State University. Cynthia has
attended Pilchuck School of Glass as both a student and a teaching
assistant. During the past thirty years she has studied and worked with many highly
internationally recognized glass artists, and became one herself!



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